March 09, 2017

Nyx lipstick collection | Lip swatches

Hi guys, here's my Nyx lipstick collection! I do want to say that some pictures are different and that's because I made these pictures on different moments.

Soft matte lip Cream:
05 Antwerp
29 Vancouver

Lip smacking fun colors:
536 Eros
629 Power

Velvet matte lipstick:
05 Volcano

Matte lipstick:
04 Pale Pink
09 Natural
20 Audrey
30 Aria
32 Siren
41 Up The Bass
45 Goal Digger

Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick:
12 Vintage
21 Brooklyn Thorn
24 Alien

Cosmic Metals Lip Cream:
10 Ultraviolet

Lip Lingerie:
01 Honeymoon
20 French Maid

If you want to find out more lipsticks (or other makeup) from Nyx, click here.

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