October 16, 2017

Cat ears DIY | Halloween

I created a cat make-up look so I either had to buy cat ears or make them myself. I’ve been feeling really creative lately so I decided to make my own cat ears. The cat make-up look will be up next week!

  • Headband
  • Wire (either jewellery wire or small and flexible garden/flower wire)
  • Beads (make sure that the wire fits through the beads)

So let’s start!

1. Cut a 60 cm length of wire. It’s a little too long, but just to be sure. Fold the wire in 2 and place the headband in the centre. I kind of placed the wire somewhere but because of the little thingies (don’t know the name 😅) I could count where I put the wire so that on the other side it’s even.
2. Twist the wire until you think it’s enough and then place a bead on one of the two wires.
3. After placing the bead, you need to twist the wire again. Continue twisting and placing the beads until you have the desired number of beads and make sure to bend the wire into the shape of a cat's ear.
4. When you’ve reached the end, fold the wire and twist it a little.
5. Cut off the excess wire and you’re finished!

I hope you guys like this DIY! 👻🎃❤

October 14, 2017

Frostbite's Fury | Review

Title: Frostbite’s Fury 
Series: The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles #4
Author: Alec John Belle
Version: Ebook (Wattpad)
Rating: ★


Frostbite’s Fury is the fourth book in The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles and is available on Wattpad. This is the first time that Alec John Belle uploaded a book before it’s been published. He wrote some books on Wattpad, the Fear Games and he’s currently writing Gods Like Us. After uploading the full book, he’s going to let someone edit it and then publish it in physical format. For those who haven’t read the first book, Forbidden Darkness, click here to start in this amazing series!

Frostbite’s Fury continues the story of Harper and her friends Kristen, Kadin, Frostbite and Hayden. It’s been awhile since the crazy stuff happened so everyone’s going to school again, including Kadin and Frostbite. One day after Hayden’s got his wings, there’s this big storm and Harper, Kristen, Kadin and Hayden are locked up at school. They can’t go out because of the abnormal storm. But who has caused this storm and why?

Frostbite’s Fury is such an amazing sequel. I probably say this in every review, but that’s just the truth. I love Alec John Belle’s writing. It’s so fluent and his books are really fast paced. I also really liked the fact that he uploaded every chapter on Wattpad because I was always so curious for the next chapter and I didn’t really know when the next chapter would be uploaded. It really keeps us interested.

Frostbite’s Fury is such an easy, interesting read but also heartbreaking. There’s this death and God I cried… I love Alec John Belle and I cannot wait to read Angel’s Rage (which will also be uploaded chapter by chapter on Wattpad)!

October 13, 2017

Essence BOOtiful Nights 2017 Halloween collection review | Halloween

When I saw the 2017 Halloween collection, BOOtiful Nights, from Essence, I instantly fell in love. The packaging is so cute and I just love Halloween inspired make-up or just things in general. 

The Essence BOOtiful Nights collection contains:
  • A black and a white make-up and powder sponge:
    01 the boo crew
  • Eyeshadow Palette:
    01 no tricks, just treats
  • Two Duo Pencil Lip, Eye & Face:
    01 I’m a Ghost Writer
    02 you look bootiful tonight
  • (S) cream Contouring Set:
    01 too cute to spook
  • Lashes:
    01 hello queen and pumpking
  • Glow in the Dark Top Coat:
    01 witch off the light
  • Liquid Matt Lipsticks
    01 no more bat days
    02 where did i park my broom?
    03 you make my heart go boo
  • Nail Polishes
    01 i witch you were here
    02 dawn of the red
    03 let’s boo-gy-woogy
  • Nail Decoration
    01 those boos are made for spooking 

I bought a lot from the collection because the collection is so cute! I didn’t really buy the nail products because I barely wear nail polish because I work at a fruit & vegetable store and we’re not allowed to wear nail polish.
The following products are the products that I’ve bought and I also swatched them for you guys to see!

The first product I bought is the eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow palette is so cute and adorable. Unfortunately it’s not that pigmented. You can barely see the white, the black is more grey and the sparkly grey is okay, not too pigmented but still sparkly. When I used these eyeshadows, there was a lot of fallout, but like A LOT!

Then I have two pencils, they are suitable for the eyes, lips and the face. I don’t have anything bad to say about these pencils, the only thing that I did notice was that these pencils were a little on the bigger side. It’s not too big of a problem, but I did want to mention it.

I recently bought the Nyx SFX Creams but I still wanted to try the Essence creams. I’ve swatched both the Nyx and Essence creams and they’re really similar. Even though I swatched both, you can only see the Essence ones in the picture. The only big difference with the Nyx creams is that they’re bigger and pricier. I don’t have anything bad to say about these creams, they’re really pigmented.

The lashes are so cute! Unfortunately I already made my cat make-up look, otherwise I could’ve used them because they’re so adorable. These lashes are kind of hard to apply because they have a little bow on top of them, so when you want to put them on with your tweezers, it’s a struggle. You don’t want to ruin the little bow, but you also want to apply them beautifully. 

And the last products that I’ve bought are the liquid lipsticks. I think that I was the most excited for these products! I love liquid lipsticks and I was wondering whether these were going to be good quality lipsticks. I already have a black liquid lipstick, but it’s a creamy finish (the Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Alien), so I wanted to try out this black one to see if it’s matt. All three of these liquid lipsticks are completely matt and they’re really pigmented. The blue and the purple were a little harder to apply but with a second layer, everything was opaque. In the picture you can see that the purple isn’t applied evenly, but I wanted to show how the purple looked without a second layer.

I wanted to create a look with all the Essence Halloween products and I’m really happy with the result!
Overall I really like the creams, the pencils and the liquid lipsticks. The eyeshadow palette and the lashes weren’t my favourites. I really like this collection, it’s so cute and inexpensive. If you happen to pass by this collection in the store, make sure to check it out and let me know what you think of this collection! 👻🎃❤